The Visionary
On a spiritual quest
The mind opens to seek the truth
The source pulses with light, forever expanding

Rae Begley’s practice seeks to comment on the beauty of the natural world, human interference and a desire for healing through a collective connection to source.

The artist explores a fascination with the earth, its resilience and its existence as a living organism.

The act of walking and its attendant themes are seemingly central to the work, which is often a reflection on the contrasting elements seen in the extremes of nature and our place within the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Her reportage style photographs are performative in their process, shot hand held whilst on physically demanding expeditions, geological landscapes and otherworldly scenescapes are sought out and documented through a slow intensity of exploration.

The work utilises the nuances of an analogue approach to capture purity of form and expresses a delicate balance of strength and fragility.

Rae Begley was born and raised in Melbourne and is now based in Sydney.

+61 419 890 888

Image credit: Aura photograph and poem by Kate Mitchell

© Rae Begley 2022
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