ANNAPURNA is a series of photographs from the Annapurna region, a massif of the Himalaya's in Nepal.

The work is a reflection on the contrasting elements seen in the extremes of nature. Majestic and spiritual, the sacred valleys and ranges are captured around an altitude of 4000m in the heartland of the Annapurna ranges and they depict a rapidly evolving landscape.

The scale and power of the land is of epic proportions, initially offering a breathtaking 'otherworldly' beauty to the explorer however this is coupled with an underlying darkness which in moments feels apocalyptic.
Location: Annapurna Region, Himalayas, Nepal
Shot on 35mm Kodak Portra
Year: 2014

Annapurna was exhibited at Mild Manners Gallery in December 2014

All images © Rae Begley 2019
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